froZen niaGra

This is when Niagra falls was completely frozen in 1911


smaRt aD


daMMnn iPhone

Damn!! I had to do it. My last post was dreaming about iPhone and now it comes true. BTW, Apple Computer is now just Apple. Steve is the man. More high quality real pictures of iPhone



Next gen iPod?

Other dream versions...


Crocodile Man Steve's freak death

I am one big Steve fan. It's big loss to the reptile crazy community of the world. He got killed by barb on stingray's tail on the Great Barrier Reef while filming a documentry on it.


Google - Napolean analogy

Google, the world's most popular web-search engine would closely resemble the Napoleonic France that in his youth humiliated Austria and Europe's other powers. Its rivals—Yahoo!, the largest of the traditional web gateways, eBay, the biggest online auction and trading site, and Microsoft, a software empire that owns MSN, a struggling web portal—would look a lot like Russia, Prussia, and Austria. More...


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